Wool Dryer Balls with Lavender Essential Oil
Wool Dryer Balls with Lavender Essential Oil

Wool Dryer Balls with Lavender Essential Oil

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They say only two things are certain in life: death and taxes. Well apparently "they" never did laundry!!!! Dryer balls are a great economical and an environmentally friendly way to do laundry. As a replacement for chemically harsh dryer sheets add these dryer balls to your dry cycle to reduce dry times soften fabrics and reduce static. They can be reused over and over! And by adding a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil to them your laundry will have a clean fresh and environmentally-safe scent! If you have to do it might as well do laundry right way! Order for you a friend or family member today!


  • Helps reduce static and wrinkles while scenting laundry
  • Designed to cut down drying time
  • Helps soften clothing 
  • Chemical-free
  • Apply a few drops of oil onto one or more balls; throw into your dryer
  • Material: 100% New Zealand wool
  • Lavender oil capacity: 10mL
  • Product dimensions: 2.5”x5”x6”

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