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Biodegradable Nursery Planting Bags
Biodegradable Nursery Planting Bags
Biodegradable Nursery Planting Bags
Biodegradable Nursery Planting Bags
Biodegradable Nursery Planting Bags
Biodegradable Nursery Planting Bags
Biodegradable Nursery Planting Bags
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Biodegradable Nursery Planting Bags

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  • Environmentally friendly. Aroma Trees Non-Woven Plant Nursery Bags are made from eco-friendly, biodegradeable fabric ,Excellent water absorption and permeability, nutrient and moisture can be absorbed easily.
    Multiple Sizes: The measuring method for unfold size width and height, after adding soil diameter and height, you can find it on the picture detail.
    Time Saver. Don't need to remove the bag when transplanting, high work efficiency and reduce recycling cost.
    KEEP SAFE THROUGH TRANSPLANTING - These seedling bags are surprisingly sturdy and they deal with handling well, and are great for transplanting your seedlings into the garden.
    Widely used in fruits, vegetables and flowers, apple trees, maples, spruces, pines, oaks, and willows, grow more as you like.
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  • Size:App 12cm x 10cm

  • Nursery bags with earth: for nursery seedlings grew directly out later transplanted into large bowl or in the yard can be, will naturally degrade after transplantation, which can effectively prevent child deaths and Huanmiao transplant seedlings in small pots in the lead
    Green nursery bag, buried in the soil can be naturally degraded,just nursery bags,you‘d better clearly know before you take the order

Package Content:

  • 600 pcs Seedling-Raising BagsXHL200327211_0948264304687213997XHL200327211_0948270644653193944XHL200327211_0948271144613858069XHL200327211_0948271744687565824XHL200327211_0948272384610314944XHL200327211_1148513311620563085

1Selling point

  • Material:Acrylic,Mirror,non fading, about 3 ~ 5 years;battery: AA (1.5 volts) (excluding batteries)

  • Silent sweeping movement, Silent Clock Create a quiet night

  • DIY Size and Shape: You Can Make It Big or Small Size, Funny DIY, A Happy Shopping

  • Usage: For smooth walls, For Gifts and Crafts,Business Gifts,Holiday Gifts,Promotion Gifts,Home Decoration; Suitable Place: Living Room, Kids Bedroom, Dining

  • Room, Kitchen, Office, Bathroom, Outdoor, make your room decoration more unique and personality.

  • 100% New Product ,Clock Surface Have a Protective Film,Please Tear Off After Installation.Note :Please don't install the hour pointer and minute pointer very tight,if

  • not ,that will cause the clock does't move.


  • Condition: 100% brand new and high quality

  • Material:Acrylic glass (PS glass)

  • Thickness: 1mm

  • Finish Size : according to your design, please refer our photo.

  • colour:Red,black,Gold,Silver

  •   Size: diameter 40cm


  • DIY for your lovely and elegant Room,it will be beautiful,dream house and love house

  • You can easily become your home decoration designers.

  • good viscidity,water resistant,suitable for most flat smooth surfaces without leaving residue,however a pre-test is highly recommended

  • This product can stick onto most hard surfaces such as painted and wallpapered walls,vehicle bodywork, windows,tiles,mirrors,laptop,fridge etc.

  • How to use the sticker:

  • Step 1:Make sure the surface you apply it to is clean.

  • Step 2:Rub over the surface of the sticker.

  • Step 3:Put sticker stick to wall sticker and place onto surface.

  • Attention: Appearance of a layer of protective film, Take it away after installed, mirror super pretty.

Package Contents:

  • 1Set of Mirror Effect Wall Stiker with Clock(no battery)



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