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First Purchase 15% Discount Code : HaveFun
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Pure Haven

Angela is a wife, a mother to 3 young girls and works as a Registered Nurse and Lactation Consultant in the mother/baby/postpartum unit at our local hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

She first learned about all the toxins we are surrounded with about 5 years ago, and knew that she did not want to raise her girls to be exposed to things that could be harmful to their delicate developing bodies. 
her WHY is not only for the health of herself & her family, but for ALL of you struggling with any health issues as well. 

 She is on a mission to help educate and empower families by offering the safest personal care and home products on the market.  She is proud every day to represent this company, to educate family and friends about this toxic issue, and to leave this world a little better than she found it