Expandable Bamboo Silverware Kitchen Drawer Organizer
Expandable Bamboo Silverware Kitchen Drawer Organizer
Expandable Bamboo Silverware Kitchen Drawer Organizer
Expandable Bamboo Silverware Kitchen Drawer Organizer
Expandable Bamboo Silverware Kitchen Drawer Organizer

Expandable Bamboo Silverware Kitchen Drawer Organizer

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Fit Any Drawer Within Your Home with the Expandable Design Many drawer organizers can only fit a specific size meaning they are useless if you want to switch your cutlery drawer or undergo any kitchen renovations. The Bambüsi line is specially made to quickly and easily expand to fit a wide range of drawers by simply adjusting it from 13" to 20" in no time. Keep your flatware silverware or kitchen accessories easily separated within the specially designed 7 various compartments of the Bambüsi for a clutter-free kitchen! Featuring two small knife blocks inserted in the drawer you can keep your knives protected and sharp by simply sliding them. When you are ready to use them just open the drawer and they will be right there waiting for you! Expertly designed for your convenience the Bambüsi can easily adjust from 5 to compartments in seconds with just a quick push or pull. Crafted from natural eco-friendly Moso Bamboo the drawer organizer is strong and durable with a refined natural finish. Moso is purposely selected due to its antibacterial properties to keep your drawers protected from any unwanted dirt. Simply add or remove the knife block depending on what you are using the drawer organizer for. The knife block can also be used to house thin jewelry or art supplies when needed. In just seconds you can quickly expand or retract the drawer from 13" to 20" to fit any drawer in your kitchen or household. Use the Bambüsi in your kitchen your office bedroom art studio or anywhere else where you need to properly and neatly organize your accessories.


  • CUTLERY TRAY DRAWER ORGANIZER: Bambusi silverware organizer is custom made to store your cutlery flatware and knife sets - This utensil organizer comes with 2 removable knife blocks to hold large and small knives.
  • KITCHEN DRAWER ORGANIZER: Silverware tray kitchen organizer for drawer measures 2” in height x 17” long it expands from 13” to 22.5” inches to add 2 additional slots to 7 compartments in total.
  • NATURAL BAMBOO: silverware holder is made from sustainable organic bamboo that is eco-friendly durable and water-resistant to withstand years of use. Neutral wood cleans up easily with soap and water.
  • VERSATILE USE: You can use this utensil tray drawer organizer for other storage and organization practices like jewelry office supplies cosmetics art supplies small tools personal accessories or a general junk drawer organizer


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